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8th Grade UCLA Field Trip

Last month our REAP 8th graders were given an unusual opportunity- a field trip to UCLA. However, there was a catch. They had to earn it! Only the top 10 earners at each of the six middle school sites were able to go on the field trip. It was a great motivator to get the 8th graders excited about earning REAP scholarship funds. On Friday February 19th, the chosen 8th graders and the REAP counselors set out bright and early for the trip to UCLA. While at UCLA they visited the Fowler Museum where they participated in a hands on
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LHS REAP Alumni Giving Back

One of the fundamental goals of the REAP Scholarship Program is to create a college going culture in areas with few college graduates. One way that we are working to accomplish that is by having REAP scholarship recipients give back to the community they came from. In order for REAP alumni to receive their scholarship funds each year, they are required to fulfill a service requirement. This is their chance to be a role model for the kids in the district they graduated from. In January, several REAP alumni participated in college workshops to talk to current REAP participants about their
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It’s Never too Early to Start Planning for College

How many people do you know that can say they started earning money for college when they were in 7th grade? How many people do you know who were even thinking about college at that age? Yet, that is precisely what is happening at Lindsay Unified School district. Starting in 7th grade, participants in the REAP program can earn funds for college by getting high scores in their core classes. Not only that, but they are already beginning to learn about what college options are out there and what the financial cost is of getting a 4 year degree. This
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