The Benefits

of Going to College

Many students who do not enter college directly after high school never get around to it. In fact, even a large percentage of high school graduates who begin their education at a two-year community college do not transfer to finish their four-year degree. Encourage your student to take advantage of the help the REAP Foundation is offering to navigate the pathway to college and make a financial aid plan to fund college.

A Higher Salary

College graduates earn an average of $1 million more than high school graduates over their lifetime. Better-paying jobs require more education and skills that workers can only get in college. Without a college degree, many get stuck in jobs earning low wages.

Quality Job Opportunities

Today, most good jobs require a college education, much more so than in the past. Modern businesses increasingly want to hire people who have gone through college. A college degree will allow your student to be more selective in choosing the type of work he or she wants to do.

Job Security

There are far more jobs available for people with college degrees than there are for people with only high school diplomas. The more education your student has, the more likely he or she will be to always have a good job.

Open Doors

Perhaps most importantly, college gives your student the opportunity to meet other motivated, smart and success-oriented people, and the chance to be exposed to new opportunities, experiences, and creative ways of thinking that will help him or her be successful in both personal and work life.

The REAP Counselors & Advisors

Encourage your student to use the REAP counselors/advisors as a resource to help stay on the college track and choose a career path and college that fits their interests.


How to support your student’s efforts to get into the college of their choice.

Application Deadlines

Keeps your student attentive to the many financial aid and college application deadlines.

Financial Planning

Assist in developing a financial plan to finance college during your student’s junior or senior year.


Juniors need to take the SAT or ACT at least once before the end of the year.

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Learn about the ACT fee waiver
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Stay on the Right Track

Select Classes

Help your student select the right classes

Set Goals

Help your student set high academic goals


Encourage your student to get involved in extra activities

College RoadTrip

Visit colleges with your student

Stay on Track

Help your student follow the College Track Calendar

Parent-Student Kit

From student schedules to grant and scholarship information, the parent-student kit is a great resource for yearly information.