Eligible Courses

REAP offers a recommended competitive schedule for students that parallels the standards of the University of California system. Taking these courses guarantees that your application will make it to the desk of a college admissions officer.


AP English Language

AP English Literature

English 10H

English 10P

English 11P

English 12P

English 9H

English 9P


Algebra 1P

Algebra 2H

Algebra 2P

Algebra B

AP Calculus AB

Geometry H

Geometry P

Trigonometry / Math Analysis


Ag Biology

AP Biology

Chemistry P

Earth Sciences

Physics P

Physiology P


AP US Government & Politics

AP US History

Government H

Government P

US History H

US History P

World History H

World History P


AP French

AP Spanish Language

AP Spanish Literature

French 1P

French 2P

French 3P

Spanish Speakers 1P

Spanish Speakers 2P

Spanish 1P

Spanish 2P

Spanish 3P