Performance based scholarships incentivize high academic achievement

Requirements for Participation

The REAP Foundation scholarship program is available to learners with one or more parent who is a first-generation immigrant, whose parents do not possess a four-year college degree from the United States and who earn a combined family income of less than $65,000 per year.

Reap at a Glance


Incentive-Based Scholarships provide college funding to students based on their performance in the 7th through 12th grade

4-Year Colleges

REAP funds are only disbursed for four-year accredited universities

Money Potential

Students can earn earn up to $2,500 per year in 7th & 8th grade and even more in high school

Alumni Support

REAP alumni who are receiving funds are required to mentor current REAP high school students

“With the money I am receiving, I have a better chance of going to a college that will help me achieve my goals.”

— Graciela Gutierrez, ’15 graduate of Lindsay High School

The REAP Pathway

Students are encouraged to begin the process of preparing for college starting in 7th grade. REAP believes that increased mentorship along the college track is key to getting more students to attend four-year universities. A full-time REAP-funded counselor is on campus every day providing REAP students with additional counseling attention to communicate the value of higher education and to help choose the appropriate college, career path, and financial plan to get there.

Team Effort

REAP counselors aid and inform REAP parents, advising them on the many ways a four-year degree will benefit their student. Parents are familiarized with the REAP Incentive-Based Scholarship Program so that they understand the financial incentive to help motivate their student to earn scores of 3.5 and 4.0 in their core classes

College Workshops

Throughout the year, REAP counselors hold a number of topic-based workshops to help prepare students in all aspects of the college application process. These workshops include but are not limited to registering for and preparing for the SATs, learning how to write powerful personal essays, filling out college applications, understanding financial aid and how to finance college, filling out financial aid and non-REAP scholarship applications, and applying for application fee waivers.

Peer Mentorship

REAP alumni who are receiving funds are required to mentor current REAP high school students via email. Students are required to fulfill 20 mentoring hours. This peer-to-peer mentorship is often the most critical in influencing a college culture on our campuses.

University Contacts

In the digital age, the best way a student can get their questions about college answered is to be in direct contact with current university students and admissions counselors. All REAP students have access to a running list of university student and admission counselor email addresses at a wide array of four-year colleges and are encouraged to ask any questions about college life and the application process.