Set High Academic Goals

Setting academic goals is more than shooting for a high GPA. As a REAP student, you also need to be focusing on your financial goals, your class schedule goals, and looking into career paths.

Make a REAP Plan

Sit down with your student and make a list of which REAP eligible classes he or she plans to take, adding up total possible earnings. Help your student make a goal of how many of these classes he or she will be able to maintain at least a 3.5 in, and check in periodically on that goal.

Career & College Paths

Encourage your student to consider many different career paths, and many different four-year universities. It is important that he or she seeks out information about the wide array of options available, and looks into education requirements of different careers and admissions requirements of different colleges.

REAP Goals & Funding

You should be receiving academic progress reports from Lindsay High School by mail every six weeks. This is a good time to check in with your student about their REAP goals, and discuss whether or not they are on track to earn REAP funding as planned.


After your student gathers information about different colleges, help him or her write a list of colleges of interest, as well as admissions requirements at each school. Encourage your student to talk to the REAP counselor about how to find out what GPA and SAT/ACT scores colleges on the list require for admittance.