8th Grade College Track Calendar

This year is when REAP financial planning begins for the next four year. Start paying attention to what you like to do during your spare time. This will help when looking for extracurricular activities to place on your college application.


Make a plan to keep good study habits and do well in all of our courses.

Aim for 3.5 and 4.0s in ALL of your core classes. This will not only earn you REAP funds, but it will prepare you for what you need to do in high school to be admitted into the college of your choice.

What you do now is setting the stage for how you will perform in high school. It is important that you do your best and take your classes seriously.

Use this year to find extracurricular activities to get involved in both inside and outside of school. It is important to try to become a community-minded person.


Check in with your teacher and your family about your academic performance first semester and review the REAP funds you have earned.

Discuss how you could have earned more REAP funds, or if you earned the maximum, discuss opportunities to take your skills and interests further.


Check in with your teacher about how you have been performing in class. Explain that you want to go to college, and seek out advice about how to form good study habits to keep on the college track.

Take advantage of your last opportunities as a middle school student to get involved in extracurricular activities. Join a club, find a cause, try to find organizations that match up with your interests.


Review your REAP earnings with your family. Discuss what you need to do next year to keep up the good work, or begin improving academic performance to earn more funding.

Find extracurricular activities to get involved in that have to do with your interests. Try to find opportunities to volunteer or offer community service.

Try to begin reading outside of school. This will not only help you in your classes and bring you lifelong enjoyment, but it will also help you to perform well on standardized tests.

Try to find current Lindsay High School students to talk to about what to expect in high school.

Look into A-G course requirements, and begin thinking about what types of courses you will need to take in high school to stay on the college track.

Look ahead into how much REAP funding you can earn over the next four years. Begin planning for college now.