When you do good, you get financially rewarded.


The REAP Incentive-Based Scholarship Program will award your student with $125 in college funding for scores of 3.5 or 4.0 for Part A, and another $125 for Part B, in English, math, science and foreign language classes.


Students earn $500 for passing CAHSEE on their first attempt.


Every year a student earns more than $1,000 in REAP funds, they earn an additional bonus of $1,000. The earnings for passing CAHSEEare excluded from the minimum required to earn the bonus.


REAP students who do not earn a minimum of $2500 in REAP funds before they graduate will forfeit their earnings back into their class’s fund. Students are offered considerable support to meet the minimum, and we encourage you to talk to your student about what it will take to reach this minimum.


Top REAP students are eligible to apply for Super Scholarships in their 12th grade year, which could potentially bring their total REAP rewards up to $45,000.


Students in the graduating classes of 2013-2016 earn funding in this way in 9th through 12th grade, and have a total of $200,000 available to their class. Students in the graduating classes of 2017-2023 earn funding in this way in 7th through 12th grade and have a total of $250,000 available to their class.


REAP Earning Statements

You should be receiving REAP earnings statements in the mail each semester that show how your student’s REAP college fund is growing. Closely examine this statement, and consider how you can encourage your student to earn more funds, or if already earning the maximum, to keep up the good work.

REAP Earning Distributions

REAP earnings are only disbursed for four-year accredited universities. If a student attends a two-year university, their funds will be held until they transfer to a four-year university.

Parent Meetings

Parents are required to attend at least four meetings held throughout the school year. These meetings include, but are not limited to, Back to School Night, Parent University, Sophomore Counseling, ELAC and School Site Counseling. Contact Norma Murillo for more details.

Measurement Topics

Students must complete all measurement topics for the eligible course in one year to earn REAP funds.


Students are required to fulfill 20 mentoring hours per year once they have met the $2500 minimum required to keep their REAP funds. Contact Norma Murillo to learn about how to complete mentoring hours.

Skills Score

Students must maintain a life skills score of 4.0 in the class that qualifies them for funds to earn REAP funds.


If you attend the PIQE institute, you will only be required to attend one REAP meeting per year.