Scholarships & Grants

REAP Incentive-Based Scholarships

REAP eligible Lindsay High School students earn $250 for scores of 3.5 or 4.0 in REAP eligible classes. Students who earn $1000 or more in one year earn a $1,000 bonus for that year. The top five earners in each class are invited to apply for additional Super Scholarships that are much larger rewards aimed to get the student close to a full ride to the college of their choice.

The Cal Grant Program

With a Cal Grant your student can get up to $12,192 a year to pay for college expenses at any qualifying California college, university or career or technical school in California. These are funds that do not have to be repaid. There are many different kinds of Cal Grants. There is money available for tuition, room and board, even books and supplies. You must submit a verified Cal Grant GPA by March 2nd. Some colleges may request additional documents such as tax returns.

Pell Grants

Pell grants are considered the foundation of federal financial aid, to which other aid can be added. Pell grants do not have to be repaid. They are federal grants based on need. The maximum Pell grant for the 2011-2012 school award year is $5,550. The amount awarded depends on your financial need, the cost of your school, and the timeliness with which you complete the application.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants

These are need-based grants to help low-income undergraduate students finance the costs of post secondary education. Students can receive these grants at any of approximately 3,800 participating post secondary institutions. When making FSEOG awards, the institution must give priority to those students with “exceptional need” (those with the lowest Expected Family Contributions, or EFCs, at the institution) and those who are also Federal Pell Grant recipients.

UC’s Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan

Under the Blue and Gold plan, your student’s system-wide fees will be fully covered by scholarship or grant money. The plan looks at all the sources of scholarship and grants awards your student has received (federal, state, UC, and private), and makes up the difference if the fees are not fully covered.. Students with greater financial need can qualify for even more UC grant support. In 2010-11, UC provided grant and scholarship assistance averaging $14,514 per student to more than half of undergraduates. You don’t need to fill out a separate application to qualify for the Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan. Simply file a FASFA and ensure that your CAl Grant GPA Verification has been submitted by the March 2 deadline of the year you plan to attend UC. You will receive the benefits of the Blue and Gold plan automatically if you qualify.

Regents Scholarships

Students with outstanding academic records and personal achievement are considered for Regents Scholarships, which is the UC’s most prestigious scholarship award. Regents Scholarships may be either honorary or need-based. Depending upon the campus, annual Regents Scholarship awards range from $1,000 honoraria to scholarships that cover full financial need for students who qualify for financial aid. Regents Scholarships are awarded to entering freshmen for up to four years.State University Grant Program– provides need-based aid to eligible undergraduate and graduate students who are California residents. The priority is to award a SUG at least equal to the amount of the State University fee ($4,428 for undergraduates) who have an expected family contribution (EFC) of $4,000 of less, and who are not receiving a Cal Grant or other award designated to cover fees. Each campus has established local awarding policies and priorities for these funds.

Alumni Scholarships

Alumni associations at some campuses award scholarships to entering students who have demonstrated leadership, academic achievement and participation in extracurricular activities. Awards range from $300 to $15,000 and, at some campuses, are renewable annually for qualified candidates. Your student does not need to be a relative of an alumnus (a graduate of the University of California) to qualify for an Alumni Scholarship.

Restricted scholarships

Restricted scholarships are available only to students with specific backgrounds, academic interests, career objectives and other criteria. Your student can apply for these when he or she applies for admission by checking off the characteristics that apply to him or her.

The Gold List

We highly encourage that you frequently check the Lindsay High School “Gold List” for scholarships listed by due date. It is very important that you pay close attention to these dates and apply to as many grants and scholarships as possible.

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