REAP is committed to assisting more rural students attend four-year universities, and to creating a college-going culture in central San Joaquin Valley agricultural communities. We have dreams of extending our Incentive-Based Scholarship Program and comprehensive set of college readiness programs to more Central Valley school districts. We also know that our current students would benefit from additional scholarship funding and additional services such as college trips. Everyday, we see first-hand how a financial incentive paired with increased attention to the college track motivates students to do their best, keeps their focus on college, and reminds them that higher education is a real and attainable option.

You can help. Please contact Molly Evans for more information.


REAP cannot achieve its mission alone. We are seeking volunteers from the community who want to join us in assisting underserved rural students navigate the pathway to college, career choice, and beyond.

If you are a professional who would be willing to come to Lindsay High School for about an hour to talk to a small group of students who have expressed interest in your field, please let us know.

If you are a university graduate who would be willing to come to Lindsay High School for about an hour to talk to our students about your alma mater, please let us know.

If you are a current university student who is willing to answer questions from REAP students about your college by email, facebook, or Skype, we could especially use your help.

One of the fundamental goals of the REAP Foundation program is to create strong partnerships with parents and help familiarize them with the college process and the many options a degree will provide to their student. If you are part of the Lindsay community and can help us with this goal, please let us know.

Please contact Norma Murillo for more information.

Spread the Word

Something very exciting is happening in Lindsay, California. Educators are coming together to think of new and creative ways to address the shortcomings of traditional public education and to make a new commitment to their students to raise the academic bar. Organizations like the REAP Foundation are using innovative approaches to incentivize academic success. We could not be happier to be a part of the local education revolution, and we encourage you to learn more about developments in Lindsay Unified School District as well as other pockets throughout the central San Joaquin Valley that are revitalizing our schools.

The REAP program is producing real change– REAP students demonstrate increased attention to the college track and are creating a college-going culture throughout the Lindsay community. Students are setting high academic goals and are working hard to achieve them. Families are learning about the many resources they can access to fund higher education for their student.

Imagine the power of an environment where every student believes college and career success is in their future. We need your help! While strong movements are being made to improve our schools, it will take the entire community to enact the large-scale change we envision. Please spread the word about the REAP Foundation’s mission to help all students in rural agricultural communities to realize that college is a real and valuable option.

REAP Counselor Norma Murillo assists Joel Hernandez and Rosa Ibarra in the library.

REAP has made me look forward to college knowing that I can have a little boost financially.

Cassandra Macias, ’13