About REAP

Letter from the Director

The REAP Foundation was created with the intention of giving back some of what the agricultural community has provided our farming family.

There have been huge changes in our part of rural California as a result of unprecedented immigration to this community from abroad. The agricultural industry has flourished as a result of this immigration, but many of our rural communities have suffered from a lack of adequate educational services to meet the new needs.

The agricultural industry has attracted many talented, hard-working immigrants seeking the promise of rewards for hard work. Unfortunately, many families are unable to see the pathway to educational advancement and success through education. The REAP Foundation was formed to help the rural immigrant community see the pathway to success through achievement in education.

REAP is proud to support the Lindsay School District in this common goal. We are committed to help show learners the pathway to success in America; REAP hopes to cultivate and encourage leaders in our community, spreading the hope for advancement that has been the history of immigrants in America.

The REAP Foundation’s programs were designed to provide assistance to students who have few university-graduate role modes; giving students the support they need to believe in the promise of education and professional success. REAP programs have a dual purpose: to help individual students set and achieve high goals and see hope in their futures, and to encourage a college-going culture throughout the Lindsay community.

Thank you for your interest,

David Evans
Director, The REAP Foundation

Fundamental Goals

  • Create a college-going culture in communities with few university-graduate role models by incentivizing students to achieve academically and make plans for their futures.
  • Familiarize students and their families with the pathway to college, and help them to be attentive to the college track throughout the student’s middle and high school tenure.
  • Help students locate and secure grants and scholarships in addition to REAP funds, and help students and their families make a financial plan for college.
  • Push students to set high standards, and encourage them to develop and practice their leadership skills.